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BACCALAUREATE CORE eSET COURSES (DPD Courses; WIC College of Engineering courses; MTH)

All Baccalaureate Core Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) courses (per the faculty Senate Executive Committee decision dated 02-17-2014) and WIC courses for the College of Engineering will have Bacc Core student learning outcome questions added to course evaluations as part of the larger aggregated category program review that will occur in 2014-15 (NOTE: eSET data are not part of the individual course reviews, although instructors can choose to include them). These additional questions do not affect instructor-added questions.These additional questions will be removed following the Baccalaureate Core category Review.

The Math department has opted to keep the Bacc Core eSET questions for all future terms for: MTH 105, 111, 112, 211, 241, 245, 251, 251H. To learn more about the process, please go to: http://oregonstate.edu/admin/aa/apaa/assessment/baccalaureate-core-assessment/bacc-core-category-review/baccalaureate-core-eset


This term the Registrar is implementing new nightly rolling of grades and withdrawls. Because Withdrawals (W marks) need to be updated/recorded as they occur during the term, grades that are placed into the system will be recorded onto the transcript nightly. This means grades will become visible to students overnight once they have been entered. From this point forward, if you enter grades for your course before the eSET grade holds are implemented at 8 a.m. on Monday of dead week (the week before finals), students could see their grades before eSETs.  If you are concerned about students viewing their grades before they complete the eSET, do not enter your grades until after the grade holds are implemented at 8 a.m. on Monday of dead week (this term that is March 10, 2014).

This is in addition to hiding grades in Blackboard (http://oregonstate.edu/admin/aa/apaa/eset/faculty-information).


On May 9, 2013, the Faculty Senate made the following decision regarding eSET:

  • Evaluations will close at 8 a.m. on the Monday of the week following finals, priot to official grade posting period.  (For more information on the issue, see the results summary of the eSET Timing Pilot Study conducted by APAA.)


On November 8, 2012, the Faculty Senate made the following decisions regarding eSET:

  • Evaluations will NOT be collected for courses that have fewer than 6 students. (If you have cross listed/slash courses with fewer than 6, those will be collected and combined with the other cross listings for the course);
  • Reports for slash/cross listings will be combined to preserve evaluation data (please refer to the website for the history on this matter http://oregonstate.edu/admin/aa/apaa/report-changes-2012 for additional details). Other options for having both combined and uncombined reports will be explored.


The OSU eSET (Electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching) system is an easy way for students to provide feedback to the teaching faculty about their learning experiences. Each term, students receive an email asking them to complete evaluations for their classes. They are allowed two weeks to complete the assessment for each of their courses and instructors.

Immediately following the deadline for students to withdraw from classes, current term courses, instructors, and students are extracted from the Student Information System and uploaded into eSET. Instructors are then asked to add any additional questions to the standard set of university questions. Students are then sent an email asking them to begin the evaluation process.

Students, faculty, and certain departmental and college staff are able to access eSET by logging into OSU Online Services and selecting the appropriate menu options. They can also directly access eSET by clicking here and logging in using either their ONID username and password or their OSU ID and GAP. If they have difficulty accessing eSET, they should check the browser settings to make sure pop-up windows are not blocked; try using a different browser; or clear the java cache.

Following the end of the evaluation period, several days are needed to generate the summary reports. Once that is done, an email will be sent to instructors informing them they can view their reports. Certain administrative staff from academic departments, colleges, and campuses will also be able to view reports for their specific programs. In addition to viewing the results in HTML or PDF, they can download them into an Excel file.


If you have questions about eSET, please contact Stefani Dawn at 541-737-0919, stefani.dawn@oregonstate.edu or Beverly Dirks at 541 737 7463, Beverly.Dirks@oregonstate.edu

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