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About the College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy has been an integral part of Oregon State University for more than 100 years, and continues to play an important role in helping the university achieve its strategic goals and vision. The college is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Through the research and teaching of their world-renowned faculty, they seek to promote healthier, better lives for the people of Oregon. They recognize the field of pharmacy is expanding and evolving, and strive to offer the tools and knowledge that students will need to adapt and thrive in tomorrow’s pharmacy profession.

The three foundational goals of the College of Pharmacy are to provide excellent professional education for students and continuing education for practicing pharmacists; to foster outstanding and innovative research; and to contribute to public health by developing and promoting ways to provide medications safely and affordably.

At the core of all this is their student body. Their Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) students study two years at OSU and then spend their third year at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, helping foster collaboration among the health sciences and a multidisciplinary approach to studying pharmacy theory and practice. The students in the graduate studies program are involved in innovative biomedical research and other areas of inquiry that could have broad impacts on the health care and well-being of Oregonians and others around the world. Their goal is to produce pharmacists who are independent scientists dedicated to providing a better quality of life.

The College of Pharmacy is dedicated to fostering graduates and professionals who will maximize the health of the public by advancing patient care and facilitating the discovery, understanding, and cost effective use of medicines.


Degree Programs

The College of Pharmacy offers a Doctor of Pharmacy degree program which is for those who want to become a pharmacist. It requires four years of professional study (with most summers off). To be eligible to apply, students must have completed program prerequisites, which generally requires two to four years of undergraduate study.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

Administrative personnel contact information and a faculty and staff directory, where you can find professors' contact information and their research areas, are provided by the college.

Updates, News, Announcements & Connecting With Students

The Pharmacy blog and featured stories are both dedicated to keeping faculty, students and alumni up to date on news about each other and the pharmacy community.

 New Degrees

In Fall 2012, two new double degrees will be available to graduate students, which are the PHARMMD/MBA dual degree and PHARMMD/MBAA.

Clubs & Organizations

There are a number of clubs and organizations for students of pharmacy to help students connect and get involved in the pharmacy community.

Accomplishments & Innovations

The College of Pharmacy constantly contributes to Oregonians' health with their research in areas such as drug discovery, infectious diseases, and improved care and treatment programs.

Additional Prep for the Future

There are short professional development classes available to students focusing on Management and HR Skills for Pharmacists, as well as experiential program resources to help students prepare for the professional world.

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