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College of Agricultural Sciences

Students in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University are people who are preparing to make a difference for the future of Oregon and the world. Working with faculty members who are recognized as national and international leaders in their fields, our students study alternative fuels, the safety of our food supply, environmental protection and a wide range of other issues that affect our lives every day. Our students have a wide variety of opportunities to study traditional agriculture, applied biological sciences, as well as education and leadership through our hands-on-learning style.

In addition to the classroom, students in the College of Agricultural Sciences are among the most active in the university. With over 30 student clubs and organizations in the college, opportunities abound for involvement, leadership, and professional development are as varied as our students.


Degree Programs

There are numerous undergraduate degree programs and graduate programs within the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

Lists of faculty, departments and department heads with their specific information.

Career Contacts

Provided by the college is a list of career contacts for students organized by department/focus, who can share the latest job and internship information. Make sure you are on the casstudy@oregonstate.edu listserve so you can find out about events, employers and job opportunities.

Updates, News, Announcements & Connecting With Students

Updates, news and announcements can be found in a number of locations the College of Agricultural Sciences. Feature stories from all departments within the college, is a great place to find out what has been going on. Also provided by the college is a list of social and multi-media pages where current news and announcements are published. You can even find the College of Agricultural Sciences on Facebook, where you could possibly network with alumni and employers.

New Degrees

In the past few years a number of new degrees have been added within the college. The Environmental Economics and Policy degree was added in 2010, and the Ecological Engineering degree should complete accreditation summer 2012. The Ecological Engineering program is a collaborative effort between the Collegee of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering, and the first undergraduate program of its kind.

Clubs & Organizations

A wide variety of clubs and organizations are available for students focusing on many disciplines within the college.

Study Abroad

There are numerous study abroad opportunities for Agriculture Sciences students, including some international internship opportunities as well.


With the field of Agriculture being wide there are numerous internship opportunities available, with a number located right at OSU.

Jobs & Career Opportunities

The College of Agriculture Sciences has their own page listing career opportunities and jobs, and even reminds you to check here at Career Services.

Accomplishments & Innovations

Faculty and students within the College of Agriculture make an impact all over Oregon, the Northwest and beyond. These links will direct you to their research focus, accomplishments, and impacts.

Mentoring Programs

Since the college is decentralized, some mentoring programs can be found within individual departments. Try asking you academic advisor about them!


Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences leads the nation in research. Within the various departments they are/have been ranked 1st in wildlife sciences and conservation biology, 2nd in fisheries science, 4th in the field of environmental/ecology and 5th in plant pathology.

Additional Prep for the Future

In addition to classroom experience, students in the College of Agricultural Sciences have the chance to be part of the Agricultural Executive Council, or become an Ambassador for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources. These opportunities provide further experience into fields of interest and valuable information in connection to possible careers.

What Can I Do with this Degree?

Learn about what you can do with Agricultural Sciences degrees.

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