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College of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts students enter the professional world with proverbial tool belts of transferrable skills such as creativity, strong written and oral communication, teamwork, global perspective, collaboration, and problem solving.  They are able to create, assess, and effectively tackle challenges that come their way.  Our students are versatile – they can write a play, edit promotional videos, forecast crop futures or project low-income housing needs.

With many nationally-renowned faculty members, our undergraduate students have the opportunity to learn from leading experts in their field. This creates the unique ability for our undergraduate students to partner with faculty in their research and publications.  From the moment students enter the College of Liberal Arts to the time they graduate they have hands-on experience through volunteering, practicum and internships.

The College of Liberal Arts provides an educational experience that prepares students to embark on a lifetime of learning and the ability to adapt in a rapidly changing world; where theory becomes practice. The College of Liberal Arts graduates more students than any other college each year. Additionally, the College of Liberal Arts has a higher ratio of students with second language competence, study abroad experiences and International Double Degrees than any other college.

College of Liberal Arts: where students become the thinkers, creators, citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Degree Programs

Within the College of Liberal Arts there are many programs for undergraduate and graduate students to choose from.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

The main campus directory is where you can search for Liberal Arts faculty and staff. The easiest way to search for staff and faculty is with in their specific schools and departments.

Career Contacts

Mary Chuinard is an academic advisor and the Employer Coordinator for the college, and the person who can help answer job, and internship questions.

Updates, News, Announcements & Connecting With Students

Available are featured stories that are related to and would interest Liberal Arts students and faculty.

Study Abroad

Expand your horizons through study abroad opportunities specific to your studies.


Learn about internships and service learning opportunities available.

Job & Career Opportunities

Check out your School's homepage for job postings further information. Also, get on the College listserve and see if you School has one too.

Accomplishments & Innovations

 The CLA focuses on research that could benefit the region and beyond, as well as the creative programs which provide great opportunities for students.

Mentoring Programs

Right now the college is working on creating a mentor program.

What Can I Do with this Degree?

Learn about what you can do with Liberal Arts degrees.

Question not answered?

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