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The College of Science builds leaders in discovery and innovation, and drives economic opportunity and social improvement for the State of Oregon, our region and the world.  Undergraduate students pursue degrees in the physical sciences, life sciences and mathematics.  Many are Honors College students, and still more are engaged in undergraduate research.  Over 450 graduate students work directly with our 110 faculty to make new discoveries and generate novel technologies that positively impact human health, knowledge, and quality of life.  The College of Science awards over 50 PhD’s and 80 Masters Degrees per year, expanding the nation’s intellectual capital.

Our students major in biochemistry and biophysics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, microbiology, physics and zoology, along with pre-health professional options including dentistry, medicine, clinical lab science, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, osteopathy, pharmacy, physical therapy and veterinary medicine.  Doctoral, Master’s, and Professional Science Master’s degrees are offered in the natural sciences, mathematics and statistics.

Degree Programs

There are numerous departments and interdisciplinary programs within the College of Science undergraduate and graduate students.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

With the main campus directory you can search for people within the College of Science.

Career Contact

Since the college is greatly decentralized career contacts, people who connect you with career information from employers, can be found within the various schools.

Updates, News, Announcements, & Connecting With Students

Featured stories are on their website focused on science related topics for students, alumni and faculty. Also, the Breakthroughs in Science blog provides interesting information to the science community within OSU.

Study Abroad

Learn about study abroad opportunities for Science Students all over the world.


Compiled are esources for finding internships and undergraduate research.

Job & Career Opportunities

Attend the Health Profession Career Fair to network with employers and prepare for the job market. Also, get on listserve emails to recieve information on current job opportunities.

Accomplishments & Innovations

Researchers and students within the college are providing new insights into a variety of new fields that will help with technological advancements and the earth as a whole. With the numerous outreach programs provided by the college impact reaches all over the region.


Conservation Biology at OSU is ranked #1 in the nation by the journal Conservation Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is rated #11 by the journal Ecology, Ecology and the Environment is rated #4 by Thompson Reuters, also ranked #4 in Zoology and is a national leader in Marine Science.

Additional Prep for the Future

The College of Science provides many resources for those students preparing for health professions and graduate school.

What Can I Do with this Degree?

Learn about what you can do with Science degrees.

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